Explore another culture.

Embedded in beautiful rock formations, the Living "Bushmen" Museum of the San portrays four San families who offer you insight into their old and traditional life. Their history goes far back to a time when the San were the only inhabitants in this part of Africa.
They show you, for example, how they have been leading their lives in this region for the past centuries. Amongst others, some grass huts have been built in the museum to visualize the village life.
The San show us how they light a fire with two pieces of wood or how they use poison on their arrows for their hunts. Being brilliant trappers, they demonstrate how they are able to make the best traps for some small but also larger animals.
Anyone who is interested can walk through the bush with the tracker. He will explain to you how to “read” the signs of the sand and shrubs. Therefore, you get to know more about the traditional lifestyle of Namibian "bushmen" and you will walk on paths that are thousands of years old.

The San are well known for their jewellery produced from ostrich eggs. It is very interesting to see how patient and skilled they are when producing these pieces of art. You will have the opportunity to buy some jewellery as souvenirs.
Hint: Some visitors are rather sceptical when it comes to the Living "Bushmen" Museum of the San, but they are always pleasantly surprised and delighted after visiting the San. The museum does not intrude on the private life of the "bushmen" as it has been the case for many other peoples in Namibia. Such a museum is a good and regular source of income for the San.
If you are on a self-drive safari, you can make all these tours easily on your own. Should you only have a rather small or even no car, you are welcome to book guided tours with us.

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